Summer Edition Event: Tifiti’s urban warriors

With summer almost coming to an end, Tifiti team decided to celebrate the season with an exclusive Summer Edition event, which took place on Saturday 5th of August, at Havnekulturkontoret, in Århusgade 126, 2100 København Ø.

During this event, we have focused on supporting a community of strong and independent women, providing them with the unique opportunity to network and socialize, while also staying empowered and nourishing their self-confidence through a healthy and fit activity. To inspire our amazing attendants and their inner-selves, we organized a very special yoga session, with the main theme beautifully developed by an outstanding yoga instructor: Hrönn Kold Sigurðardóttir. She is the owner and managing director of YogaPlace, a yoga studio in Islevhusvej 6, 2700 Brønshøj. After several years as an academic professor, Hrönn completely changed her lifestyle and perspective and evolved into the person she wanted to be, being in charge of her own path, putting aside all that was expected of her and that she was expecting of herself. She embraced yoga practices as a proper therapy, not only to open her mind and views but to nourish her inner-self, learning how to let go of all the everyday life pressures. Hrönn, with a 75 minutes class, led us to discover our inner Urban Warrior of Courage & Compassion, which was the theme of the session.

In our highly stressful lives, where we are constantly designing the “place we have to be in”, making life choices, desperately in need to be in control 100% all the time, setting goals for ourselves and chasing after happiness, Hrönn stressed the importance to take some time off just to simply...breathe. It may seem a silly and straightforward practice, but it is not easy at all. It is a difficult exercise, to sit every day for a half an hour and focus on your breaths, as you were learning how to inhale-exhale for the first time in your life.

During the session she encouraged us to build up our own safe space, co-creating it all together, feeling the air filling our lungs, moving accordingly, and embracing the moment we are living. She disrupted some of our most rooted convictions and beliefs: there’s no place to be, there’s no rush to get there because we build our own path, and we need to listen to our body. Most of our worries and fears were left aside for 75 minutes: no job-related issues, no education or exam anxieties, no everyday errands or tasks to attend, no scary thoughts. Hrönn explained to us that when something feels physically hurtful, we have to learn to let go, to understand that happiness comes from within and that we build it every day, a breath at a time. We are deeply involved in our own urban lives, deeply buried in our own ideas of who we are and who we want to be, that sometimes we lose the bigger picture, missing a sense of purpose, becoming so stressed after the smallest things.

Yoga helps you to bring out the courage needed to free yourself from limited ideas that you may have about yourself
— Hrönn Kold Sigurðardóttir

Again, it is not easy, and it takes courage, as it can be scary to walk past your comfort zone confronting yourself with your true image, giving up the control we desperately feel we need. But as Hrönn said:

I have learned that courage is not about grasping and holding everything, pushing through and trying to fit in, but about letting go, completely owning who you are
— Hrönn Kold Sigurðardóttir

No matter how vulnerable or scared you might be, because as Nelson Mandela once said: courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. If we learn how to let go, how to listen to our bodies and inner-selves, embracing the thought that it is ok to have self-doubts and fear, then we are going to dominate those fierce scary emotions, triumphing over them and becoming a compassionate and brave urban warrior, breath after breath.

After this inspiring yoga session, where we got the chance to extensively interact with each other, our attendants enjoyed an energizing networking session, exchanging point of views and experiences, while also receiving their amazing goodie bags, sponsored by two organic cosmetics Danish firms, Pure shop and Zenz Organic Product. In a nutshell, once again, Tifiti has taken another step in building a community of strong and independent women, successfully inspiring them, while co-creating a safe space to empower them.