Living What You Love

It didn’t take Aleksandra quite a while to find her entrepreneurial groove, but once she did, things began to roll in. In telling start-up stories, it’s easy to get caught up in the narrative of “that big idea”. Here’s a little something to know about the Founder & CEO of Tifiti, Aleksandra and the journey of what she has been passionate about.

Aleksandra Kiebdoj, born in Poland, has lived in Norway and Denmark for the past 12 years and has been an experienced professional as a Digital Project Manager and IT Business Consultant. 
The idea of starting Tifiti came out of her personal interest in fashion while exploring design and creative industries for inspiration. She realized about a growing opportunity in the market whose potential wasn’t explored and there was little focus on the different corporate/business look for women, which could be well-complemented by customization for the dresses with sew-able accessories.

From my own experience, I felt that create opportunities for business women are very limited. I decided to challenge that and create a brand that still supports the corporate look yet with subtle personalisations, suitable in business settings
— Aleksandra Kiebdoj

Aleksandra believes in the ideology of strong, independent women and wants her brand Tifiti, to resonate this feeling through the dresses. As part of the business, the brand has been organizing events in Copenhagen to help create a networking opportunity for international business women, who are looking for new avenues to explore and engage with other women on such platforms.

There is very little happening for non-Danish women in Copenhagen. We simply need more role models and networking opportunities. I want Tifiti to be a brand ambassador for confident and successful women and I want our dresses to symbolise the movement of women empowerment regardless of your cultural background.
— Aleksandra Kiebdoj

So, how’s it to work in a start-up? Very fulfilling, the base for professional learning, the opportunity to networking, meeting some great women entrepreneurs are just a few of them that Aleksandra feels about. A lot of it is to do with growing self-confidence as a leader, business woman, creative person and community builder.

In the past few months, a lot of awareness about Tifiti has been created through the events and the way forward is to launch the product in the market soon. And while she isn’t working (which is hardly ever!), she enjoys skiing, diving, healthy cooking, painting, and photography to keep up the adrenaline rush high inside her!!