5 Most Familiar Challenges that Women Entrepreneurs encounter

There’s a beautiful quote that says “Girls compete. But, Women empower one another.” If there is any secret to success in this world, no matter what we aim to do, it is important to trust one another.

 Tifiti team brainstorming. 

Tifiti team brainstorming. 

As a woman, we are constantly surrounded by adulation and attention be it family, friends or colleagues that, sometimes, we forget to play one very important role - being a woman in a real sense, who celebrates her individuality and freedom to express.
Well, of course, there isn’t one single path to achieve what we desire to, but getting a bit more familiar with some familiar challenges that a woman experiences as an entrepreneur in different industries they work in, is an insight to watch out for:

  1. Limited funding and low access to capital - the long and short of any business are money. The key is gaining expertise in your area of business along with creating the right kind of network, the rest shall follow.
  2. Not considering certifying the start-up as “women-owned business” - yes, it is a real thing rather than just being led by women. It is important to sign-up with such organizations to be “visible”.
  3. Projecting it as a social enterprise - we aren’t here for charity and to survive the competitive environment, we got to be everything but conventional in our ways in doing business.
  4. Inability to explore the real power of Internet - THE most powerful tool exposed to mankind, this technology needs to be utilized in the most optimal manner, given, the kind of reach and engagement, it generates in the form of revenues and ROI.
  5. Going beyond just breaking the glass ceiling - It has certainly been broken to a good extent (a pat on our back for that !!) but we know we are much more that, so just go for it!!

One thing is for sure, women are one of the strongest species on Earth, so if we set goals for ourselves, we are ready to achieve it regardless of challenges we have along the way. Let's keep that spirit.