Who is the team behind Tifiti?

Working in a start-up isn’t just about doing things “your own way” but doing it the “right way”. But, how is it really to work in a start-up? The team at Tifiti come from a diverse cultural background. For Aleksandra, Founder & CEO, it was important to have such a multicultural team as she believes in the best competencies lies in a mix of variety. She herself is from Poland, who then, moved to Norway to study, and now, she lives in Denmark with her Greek fiance. Couldn’t be more multicultural.

Maria, from Latvia, has been staying in Copenhagen on and off, for a little over 7 years. She has done her Bachelor’s from London South Bank University and her Master’s from Aalborg University. As an Event Manager in the team, she believes that a start-up gives her more freedom to work and considers it as a good opportunity to get new contacts and grow your own network.She loves beers and nachos, likes to dance, gym and travel along with some super cool interests like bungee jumping and diving. She is fluent in English, Latvian, Russian and knows a bit of Danish and Hebrew.

Known as the other “better-half” with Maria, as Event Manager for the Tifiti is Andreea, from Romania. She has been living in the city for the past 2 years. She has a Master’s Degree from Copenhagen Business School. Her passion for fashion mixed with the responsibility and freedom to create something of your own, makes her deliver the best results for the brand.
She likes snowboarding and reading, often paint or make collage. She speaks English, Romanian, French and knows a bit of Danish and Arabic.

Anuradha, from India, came to Copenhagen in January this year and joined the team as Content Manager. She has a Bachelor’s degree and a Post-Graduate Diploma from Mumbai University. For her, working in a start-up environment was different as she had worked in a very formal corporate culture back in India. She felt that this role let her explore a whole new dimension of her skills with an opportunity to do something new and unique all along.
Her interests lies in travelling to new cities, do a little bit of cooking (still learning!), play badminton and watch superhero series. She speaks fluent English, Hindi and now she is learning Danish.

Federica, from Italy, moved to Denmark 7 months ago and has been part of the team as Graphic Designer since then. She has a Bachelor’s degree from The Academy of Fine Arts in Napoli, Italy. She is here to experience a new life, enjoy different cultures and learn something exciting. She feels it is a good work atmosphere as she thinks, it is a mix of friendly yet serious, with substance to her role. She likes to explore around, meet friends and keep looking for inspiration. She speaks Italian, English and little bit of Spanish.

Kaja, from Poland, has been in Denmark for the past 12 years. She is currently doing her Bachelor’s degree from Copenhagen Business School. She has also lived in Shanghai and Bangkok as part of her course program. She joined the team due to her profound interest in creating fashion content, especially with pictures and “working with a growing team gives you a platform to discuss your ideas openly and get to learn what others in the team do”
She loves to travel, write blogs, take pictures and create videos for her YouTube channel. She speaks Polish, English, Danish, little bit of German and is trying to learn Chinese.

The team is growing and now, there are 2 new talented women who have joined the team - Ula, from Poland, as Event Manager and Virginia, from Italy, as Digital Marketing Manager.
There is a lot that rides on the start-up’s success, with emotions running high, endless combination of crazy ideas and tonnes of workload as the “real incentive” when you choose to work for Tifiti.