5 Reasons to Attend Tifiti Events

“Networking is all about

promoting yourself,

your uniqueness

and what you stand for.”

We, at Tifiti, believe in this philosophy because we are a fashion brand, that represents and symbolizes strength, independence and confidence for women through the dresses we create.


As a team, we have very diverse cultural backgrounds, therefore we understand that there are very limited networking opportunities for international business women in Copenhagen. So, if you also feel there are not enough success stories to drive this passion inside you, then you should come to our events and explore the opportunities you can gain out of it.

Here are 5 good reasons to join Tifiti Events:

  1. You want to share your passion with other women who want to listen.

  2. You are considering a career change, looking for female role models and you want to learn new ways to network your way to success.

  3. You want to build your network with other professional women and get some industry insights from them.

  4. You would like to be a part of a community of diverse, international women and learn about industries they represent.

  5. You would like to be inspired, mentored and be guided towards greater success.

Remember that our next event is coming soon. So, stay tuned with us on Facebook (Tifiti) & Instagram (tifitistyle) for further updates on it.