The evening that truly defined “Yes. We Can !!”

Well, it may sound a bit exaggerating in the current scenario, but, this event happened to resonate this feeling inside me in every possible way. I am sure a lot of women like me would have been part of many networking events and would go to attend them with an expectation of feeling something new, different and empowered in the truest sense.

This was one such experience of mine at the second event of Tifiti, an upcoming online fashion brand, offering customizing solutions with a plethora of accessories to choose, to add a part of “you” to your dress.

This event took place on Tuesday, 7th March, at the premises of Nordnet Bank AB, an investment company, located at Havneholmen, København V. Given the kind of a very “serious and intellectual” sort of event set-up, the topic of this event was about making some challenging yet strong career choices - Women working in Male-Dominant Jobs.

Aleksandra, Founder & CEO, Tifiti briefly introduced the topic to the guests across the hall and asked if any of us are working in such a job or what we think of it in perspective. I can really imagine what it is to be working in such an environment as I began my career working in one such industry (automotive retail) and can surely relate to the fact that it isn’t easy.

While Tifiti was happening to her, she spoke of her own journey of working in an IT company, with most men onboard  and  the shift to feminine industry of fashion, that she is experiencing  now when working on Tifiti. 

At some point of time in our lives, we have often heard and seen people talking or sharing their experiences about how tough it is to make it to the top positions in an organisation. In my opinion, I think it is more of a mindset than creating such a space for women because they are as good as men in any given situation to perform and succeed.

The 3 guest speakers for the event - Anita Berntsen, Rodica Pirău and Christine Sindal Jørgensen were from diverse backgrounds individually and had some amazing achievements, working in such industries, predominantly, male-oriented.

Anita, VP Operations, AthGene, spoke about the unique business concept that her company is into offering solutions to your nutrition and lifestyle based on your genes!! That’s a first that I had heard of. While shuttling between multiple career choices, right from learning Kung-fu in China to getting into military training, she has come a long way from where  she started off and to becoming a COO.

Christine, Private Banker, Nordnet Bank AB, shared her story of working in an out-an-out male-driven industry - stock markets and investment banks. She spoke on the “myths about men” and had a point to make about men do tend to treat women like one among them in a nice way and that they do respect for our thoughts and contributions at work.

One of the other speakers at the event, Rodica, Senior Business Analyst, Nordea Markets, made a very important statement as she spoke of her journey and that, I felt, was quite an interesting way to sum it up:

In a room full of men, if you are the only woman, then, there’s a very strong reason why you are there; because you have made it to the place, you have earned it. So, respect that about yourself and value your uniqueness.
— Rodica Pirău. Senior Business Analyst, Nordea Markets

Not to forget, some very cool goodie bags by our event partner, a brand into natural/organic products o.MOI, were given away as gifts to the guests and speakers at the event.

All in all, some very useful career tips/advice and good networking opportunity which could help a lot of women like me to take the next step in our professional journey.