An Evening of Panache & Elegance

What do women really look for or visualise when it comes to customized fashion? Well, not many know what choices are available in this category and that’s where Tifiti comes in.

But, what is Tifiti? Certainly, not just a fashion brand...

Tifiti is a brand providing customized fashion solution, with an experience of creating your own look that you desire for, from a universe of accessories to choose from.

With that thought, we hosted our first-ever exclusive event “Women in the Corporate World” on Wednesday, 25th of January 2017 at a popular uptown business center, SOHO in Copenhagen, Denmark.


The event location was just right with its ambience and atmosphere which set the right tone for the evening.

It was a fabulous evening filled with beautiful women from varied cultural and social backgrounds who exchanged and shared their thoughts with each other about women empowerment, diversity, motivation, gender stereotypes and above all, FASHION.

Aleksandra Kiebdoj, Founder & CEO of Tifiti, introduced the brand to the guests and shared her experience of how and when did Tifiti start off, the journey so far and how does it aim to contribute towards empowering women through fashion.

There were 3 key guest speakers from the world of business, who graced the event with their esteemed presence and shared their journey and success stories of their start-ups:

Sandra Jellesmark - Strategic Director & Co-Founder, Soil PR Agency;

Ewelina Reszke - Director, Sales and Business Development @ConWx / CEO and Founder of @GoGetty;

Stine Molgaard Sorensen - Chief Marketing Officer @CloudCutout / Jury Member @The Digital Communication Awards 2016 / Global Independent Digital Strategist

The speakers spoke about their approach driven by and focus on achieving their goals, in a very interactive manner, keeping the guests at the event, engaged in their moments of achievement and glory.

The first speaker for the evening was Sandra, who shed some light on having a balanced-out approach, adaptability and gender-specific attitudes when it comes to starting something on your own and how challenging it is to maintain temperament during financial discussions still being skewed towards the male-centric environment.

While Ewelina, the next guest speaker, took us through her personal journey at large and how motivation played an important role in each step she took forward to achieve her goals.

The key highlight of the evening was the third guest speaker, Stine who spoke of Managing the Unknown – her journey from being an independent, ambitious working professional to a successful entrepreneur in the world of Digital Growth & Strategy, that left everyone in the audience, very intriguing, with her style, clarity and conciseness.

Post the event, there was a Q & A session with the speakers and some of the guests, who spoke their mind and heart about what they felt about Tifiti and how they are individually empowered to work towards their career and personal goals.

Another highlight of the event was the goodie bags sponsored by ICON hair spa given to the ladies who came in first to the event!! Quite a bonus for them!!

All in all, an amazing event for the entire Tifiti team, the participating guests and inspiring speakers, especially being the first one. The tickets for the event got sold out twice!!

Not just an event, this is an initiative, every woman would like to be part of, where they can inspire, get inspired, network and share their stories with each other.

We, as Tifiti, have an objective and vision behind doing such an event. We want to you feel strong, confident and empowered through us and these events give such an opportunity to promote and encourage this idea. So, embrace yourself and be inspired by what you truly believe.

P.S. To all the beautiful and wonderful ladies out there, our next event is being planned for March. So, please block your calendar for yet another amazing evening with Tifiti. Further details will be shared soon. (Pssst…You are the first one to know this !!)

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