How it all started ?

 Aleksandra Kiebdoj, Tifiti founder

Aleksandra Kiebdoj, Tifiti founder

Working as a project manager I know how important it is for any career women to look elegant and professional at work. However since I've always been very creative as well, and had many artistic hobbies I felt that I wanted to express my unique style and creativity with my outfit. I've realised quickly that it is quite hard and limited to find something special in the shops. Since I like to paint, photograph and draw I've decided to use the dress as canvas, exactly like in art and somehow make it a little bit more "like me".  That's how my idea started. Just by adding different accessories even the most simple dress can stand out and show something special. With new buttons, different collar or some embroiders my dresses quickly got completely different look and fresh design. My friends and colleagues loved it, and I felt just great knowing that I created the final look of a dress that others complement on. I wanted to share that feeling of empowerment, creativity and elegance, so I decided to put my hobby into a business.

Today Tifiti is still in the early stage of the startup but we are working hard to bring this idea to you. We also want you to get involved and meet other inspirational women. Through the series of meetings, social events and gatherings we want to create an environment where female interest and passions can be shared, appreciated and inspired. 

We want Tifiti dresses to be a symbol of empowerment, achievement and confidence.

Yes, you can!


Tell Your story with the dress

For me a dress is the most female part of our wardrobe and I believe it should tell the world something about you. Whether you wear a dress for a date or to work you want to express something. It could be that today you are serious, funny, romantic, confident or in love. The problem is that we are usually buying what is available and perhaps not really desirable or different, often by spending hours on shopping.  With Tifiti the personalisation is quick, simple and fun. Our dresses will rarely change, however the accessories will only be available for limited period.

All Tifiti dresses are made with the great attention to detail and in high quality. They were designed in timeless, clean and sophisticated styles so you can use them as the creative canvas for your own, individual creation. With different sewable accessories the options are almost limitless so you can be the creator of your individual, perfect dress. 

Stay with us. The collection is coming soon.