Customized fashion with just a few clicks

Create your own unique and individual style. Our simple and classic dresses make it possible to easily add different accessories to it (collars, pockets, belts, embroideries, laces etc) and make the dress to truly show your style. Tell your story with the Tifiti dress.


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In our vision you are the story teller.

We offer our clients an unique opportunity to tell their personal story by customizing our collection of dresses with an universe of accessories, and to allow the users to connect with each other both in the digital and real world.

In the mass produced fashion it’s hard to look different and outstanding. We believe that with the given tools everyone is creative. Tifiti allows you to get involved in the product creation that is matching every individual style. 

Our selectively designed, high quality, stylish and timeless collection gives a chance for our clients to make an unique piece of each and every dress just by adding different accessories to it. The process is very simple, requires almost no time and it’s fun (choose the dress, drag and drop the accessories it, and wait for the delivery). The opinions of customizations are limitless.